It is a well-known fact that females are more advanced mentally than males. Their brains develop faster during puberty and it often takes a while for the boys to catch up, by which time girls have become attracted to older guys because they are at the same mental level.

Today, we are seeing more and more relationships where the man is considerably older than the woman. This is because it has become less of a taboo subject. People are more willing to accept it than they were 50 years ago. There is no longer a stigma attached to the age gap.

However, according to psychiatrists, there can be many long term affects on a young teenage woman who dates a much older man. Studies have shown that girls between the ages of 13 and 18 who date older men have higher levels of depression and lower levels of self esteem. There is also evidence that these girls are at higher risk of contracting and STD than if they were dating boys of their own age.

It is also interesting that in an interview with teenagers who are currently dating older men, they said they were happy and felt they were special to their partner. However, an interview with older women who were in the same position 10-15 years ago expressed regret at dating much older men when they were young. This raises the question ‘why do young girls really date men who are a lot older’?

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This article looks into whether there is a motive for older men and younger women dating each other. Do women like an older man because he has money? Do men want a younger woman to make himself look good? Most of the time the answer to these questions is ‘no’. A relationship, regardless of age difference should be built on love and genuine interest.Be sure to take a look! on older women dating younger men

This article was written by someone who doesn’t see why so many people have problems with older women dating younger men. It doesn’t matter if a man is 10 years older than his woman, but if she was 10 years older than him, a lot of people have something to say about it. Be sure to check it out! on older women dating younger men dating after divorce for women

This site provides an introduction to advice given by Suzy Weiss. She discusses the advantages and disadvantages of women dating younger men after they have gone through a divorce. Younger men are attracted to older women because of the confidence they exude and the experience they have in life. Older women are attracted to younger men because they can attract more attention than men of their own age. Be sure to take a look!


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