Men and women are very different people and their idea of romance in marriage is also very different. Therefore, it is no wonder that couples have their disagreements and moments of conflict in their marriage. In this video from Marriage Today, Jimmy explains how you can use this knowledge to have the indestructible marriage that you want.

Jimmy talks about how both parties in a marriage need to be romanced, however, in a man’s opinion, romance is ‘naked’. Men are very visual creatures. They idea of a nice romantic evening with the wife is staying in with a beer and a pie, watching a football game while in their underwear. Then, once the game is over a good, fun session in the bedroom.

However, for women, romance is long, slow thing. They like to touch and talk about their feelings. Sex comes at the end of a long road.

For the marriage to work, you both need to sing from the same page. You need compromise. Understand that you both have different needs and wants and give them to each other. So, every now and then men, you need to talk about your feelings, and women, you need to just go straight in for sex once in a while. The more you give, the more you will receive.

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