Relationship expert, Michael Moseley receives hundreds of emails every day from people who have been dumped by their ex, yet the ex is still calling and contacting them and they don’t know how to respond.

Michael advises that you do not get excited when your ex contacts you. They do not necessarily want you back, they are testing you to see how you react. The important thing for you to do is not to reply to them straightaway. Don’t answer their call, don’t text them as soon as you receive their message etc.

You must get back and respond to them eventually. But, by holding it off for a little bit you are showing them how bountiful your life is. You can get on with your life without them, you don’t need them, you’re not sitting by the phone waiting for them, you’re not thinking about them constantly etc.

It may be hard for you not to respond straightaway, but, remember, you are not being rude and ignoring them because you are going to get back to them eventually. When you do contact them, simply say ‘I’m sorry I missed your call. What’s up?’ Do not say ‘Baby, I’m so glad you called, I have been thinking about you.’ It is human nature to want what you can’t have, so when you show your ex you have moved on and you are self sufficient, they will want you more.

Check out the video for more tips.

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