Michael Griswold: Is Your Ex STILL Ignoring You?As human beings, we value things that are rare. We are prepared to pay more money for rare items, for example, limited edition items. But why?

In this video, Michael Griswold explains the concept from Robert Cialdini’s book, which suggests that scarcity is a factor that gives us influence on other people’s lives. When relating that to the world of relationships, think about your family and close friends, the ones you spend a lot of time with. You tend to miss out on all of the things that appeal to you about them because you see them all the time.

Regarding your break up with your ex, this means that you need to have time apart and wait. You are not waiting for your ex to come back to you. You are waiting with the understanding of what it is doing.

By waiting and having no contact, you have more control, because you are providing the scarcity of your time. Your ex is used to the pair of you texting all day, talking on the phone etc. But by having no contact, it gives your ex a chance to miss it.

As they say, you don’t know what you have got until you have lost it. Let them lose you for a little bit, and they will come back more appreciative of you.

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