Michael Griswold: How to Get Your Ex BackIn this video, Michael Griswold, from reunited relationships advice tells the story of a situation he experienced recently and how he responded using the tips and advice that he recommends to get your ex back. The story doesn’t involve the breaking up of a relationship but the way he handled the situation produces the same kind of reaction/emotions.

Michael was in a restaurant with a large number of people, so they had to wait two and a half hours for a table. The food took ages and when it finally did come, many of the orders were wrong and didn’t taste as good as they expected with the reputation of the restaurant.

Michael decided to talk to the manager, who he had introduced himself to earlier. He explained that he understood that the restaurant was busy and they were doing the best they could but the whole experience just wasn’t satisfying or acceptable.

Then Michael asked the manager what he would suggest to resolve the situation. The manager apologized and asked Michael how to resolve it, to which Michael requested to have the meal costing well over $100 free of charge.
The manager agreed.

Imagine if Michael had approached the manager all guns blazing, angry, shouting abuse, making demands. The manager would become angry himself and would not want to help Michael at all.

Apply this to a break up. If you approach your ex after the break up and demand that they get back with you and you keep going on and on at them begging to be taken back, they are just going to get angry and not want anything to do with you.

If you give them the opportunity to come up with a solution, you will already be one step ahead. The will be more open to you because they feel like they have a choice.

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