Michael Griswold: Get Your Girlfriend Back Stop Acting Like a VaginaThis is a post to help all you men out there who want to get your ex girlfriend back. The first thing you have to do is ask yourself, is your girlfriend a lesbian? Why?

Because you need to stop acting like a vagina. A woman wants a man to be a man. She doesn’t want to be with a woman, therefore, if you act like one then she will leave you. Relationship expert, Michael Griswold explains that this means that women are going to test the boundaries and limits of a man’s strength because she wants to know how much she can trust him. If you crumble and she can manipulate you easily because you are under her strength, you have no strength to offer her.

Michael gives a real life example where a couple had broken up but the woman asked the guy over to her house. The woman begged him to stay the night, to which the guy agreed and they ended up having sex. However, he outstayed his welcome and she kicked him out and told him she didn’t want anything to do with him.

This was the worst thing the guy could do. He should have refused her offer and left. She kicked him out because she couldn’t trust his strength. She was stronger than him. Had he left, she would have a lot more respect for him. She would also realize that he didn’t need her, which would have made her want him more. Afterall, it is natural for humans to want something they can’t have.

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