lond d relationship Long Distance Relationship AdviceDating online seems to be the future of dating. Many years ago we were limited by locality. We now have the opportunity to choose out potential loves over a global market. Can a long distance relationship work? The normal pressures of everyday life are making it hard for relationships to work. Whether you choose a relationship or it chooses you, there are great tips to make it work.

The important step is to establish rules within the relationship. Come to a decision whether its an open relationship or more, how often you will you talk and how often will you see each other in person. The key here is to decide on what is important and build from there.

In a relationship, communication is the key to everything. If you don’t talk, the relationship will fail. In a long distance relationship it is important you communicate every day, just as you would if you was in a close or normal relationship. Skype is a great tool for couples in a long distance relationship.  To add more depth to communication a great idea is to use the video feature to see your partner.

Regardless as to whether you are communicating every day, make a special time to have a “date.” Get comfortable in front of your webcam to skype your partner over a candlelight dinner. This step will insure your bond in your relationship will increase.

Send each other gifts and express your feelings to your partner. You want to surprise him/her with personalized gifts. It could be something as simple as teddy bear. Be sure to include a special message with your gift. If you struggle to express your feelings over the phone this message would be the perfect way to start expressing your feelings.

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Long distance relationships are definitely a struggle, but with determination and love giving you the strength, it can be done. It is very important that the two of you have good contact, whether it is by text, emails, phone calls, or skype. You do have to try to meet up in person as much as possible because physical and face to face contact is also important to build a stronger bond between the two of you.

Don’t forget the little gestures too. Once in a while, hand write and post a letter to your loved one, or send a personalized gift. They will be so happy you made an effort.

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To keep a long distance relationship going strong it is vital that the pair of you have good communication. Talk to each other or message each other as much as possible so you both feel included in the others life. Continuously check that the pair of you are on the same page. Show them how you feel by sending them presents that they can treasure. It’s all about building that bond.

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