Dr Phil This is video clip from CNN, in which Dr. Phil McGraw, author of ‘Life Strategies – Doing what works, doing what matters’, voted number one in the New York Times bestsellers list and ‘Relationship Rescue – A seven step strategy for reconnecting with your partner.’

Dr. Phil starts the interview with the advice that couples need to realize that their troubles and problems didn’t happen by accident, they cause them. He also urges couple to work for their relationship before they quit. People are taking the easy way out and quitting too soon.

Dr. Phil also mentioned, the most common problem is that men and women misunderstand each other. It’s not always a fault of their own. Men and women are just wired up differently. Men take a logical perspective of things, whereas women are more intuitive. These approaches often do not overlap so we get frustrated with our partner. We misunderstand motivation, behaviour and even words that seem pretty clear.

For this reason, communication really is key in a relationship. You need to be able to explain to your partner what you mean by certain things you say, do, think or feel. Don’t let a small misunderstanding break up your relationship.

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